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2005-09-26 00:22:31
Like Strange Stars
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Ok, first up - two new pages (57, 58), marking the beginning of chapter 3, Like Strange Stars. That title'll make sense by the end of it, I promise. If it doesn't I'll have come back here and editted this post so it seems like I never made reference to it in the first place.

Secondly - I submitted Precession to, so if you feel the need to inflate my ego a little [1] you should go register there if you haven't already and go to the Precession listing and add it to your favourites. They actually have a fairly neat recommendations thing going - presumably based on the items in your favourites list, they give you a whole list of recommended reading. After adding everything I read semiregularly that I could find listed, I checked the recommendations and involuntarily spent an hour and a half reading through the archive of the first thing on the list because it was that good. You see? There's something in it for you too.

Thirdly, and lastly for now, I also wrote a Links page with a list of cool webcomics you should also read.


[1] You should! You really should!


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