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2005-10-31 00:57:15
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It seems odd to be putting a post up saying that the next page won't be up 'til Monday when it says right up there that it won't be up 'til Monday, but since I started on a regular schedule I've been telling people that 'Monday' really meant 'late sunday night GMT', which practically means 'Sunday' for north americans... but yeah, it won't be up 'til Monday. Sorry an' all.

Anyway, lately I've been looking to buy a house, which involves lots of boring meetings with estate agents and mortgage advisors and going around to visit people's homes with just enough of a gap between viewings to make it worth coming home in between and not enough to get anything done, so that's one reason it's later than I'd have liked... and for the same reason, no multi-page updates 'til I'm done, if I get more than one page done in a weekend I'm keepin' 'em back in case I need them in times like this.


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