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2005-11-21 23:45:21
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Feh. Can't do anything right. First I accidentally spend all of Sunday in the company of a pretty girl[1] instead of drawing, then I carelessly volunteer to drive my brother to work at half past six in the morning and negate any chance of getting a page finished today, either. So have lineart, with the speech drawn in by hand. Applegeeks do this all the time, therefore it's OK, OK? OK.

And no, there are a couple of things I'm not happy with as regards this lineart, but the page is going to be late enough already without fixing them.

Addendum: Page 69, fully shaded an' everything.
And I only had to do it twice, what with the powercut in the middle and everything.


[1] And intelligent, and funny, and (insert flattering adjectives here just in case she reads this) ...


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