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2005-12-19 00:30:33
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A Page 73 for your entertainment.

You should sign up to Amecon. Despite it being in eight months. At least, if you're in the UK. And feel like it.

But really, it'll be fun!

So, I noticed a week or so back that Cafépress have started selling black shirts. Which is interesting. I don't know the printing method, or how good they are, but just to see how it goes I did a shirt I've been wanting for a while. Then they rejected my design 'cause it had a famous person's face on it, so I painted a Privateer badge (seen to the right) instead. The preview makes it look pretty dodgy, and I've not seen a printed shirt from Cafépress in ages, let alone a black one, so I have no idea about the quality, but... well, if any of you people want to risk it, it's available. Just don't blame me if it ends up being as bad as the preview makes it look. :P


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