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2006-02-26 22:50:33
Late... Page 83
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He's disappointed...
He's disappointed...
I'd love to tell you that page 83 was delayed 'cause I spent the weekend with a pretty girl, but it would be a total lie. Page 83 was delayed because I spent far too much of the weekend trying to sell stuff on eBay and getting frustrated at their site breaking, and because I spent longer than I'd anticipated packing in preparation for a move.

It was Monday I spent with the pretty girl. :P

Anyway, is this getting too wordy? It's hard to tell, when I'm writing the scripts out, and by the time I get around to drawing them making changes to wording might mean making changes to previous pages as well. My friendly informal script editor raised it as a potential problem but figured that it depended how it was framed... if noone says anything I'll just keep going the same way. ;-)


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