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2006-03-07 01:11:00
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OK, OK, page 84.
It would have been earlier, but I completely forgot I was supposed to be doing it.

Which brings me to my second point. I'm moving house, which is taking quite a lot of my time already and I haven't actually gone yet. There's one more page left in chapter three, and I get to drive my furniture around in a van next weekend. I hope to get the last page up before next weekend, but whether it happens before or after, there's going to be a couple of weeks' break after the end of chapter 3. If nothing else, I've yet to actually write a script in anything but the loosest terms...


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I want to go up the tower too!!!
Hope the new house is ok.
I'm just getting the hang of this whole 'work' thing.
I'm not yet on the 'net at home, hence not being on irc/msn etc.

We both need to have house warming parties it seems :D