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2006-04-24 00:47:03
OK, OK, so that was a little longer than two weeks...
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Yeah, I know. Well, it turned out that there was more work involved in moving house than I thought. Who's honestly surprised, really?

Along with relocating all of my stuff from one house to another house, I also relocated my Mac Mini - which I was drawing Precession on - from my computer desk to underneath the TV, where it was wholly unsuited for drawing activities. So I needed to go buy a copy of Photoshop for the PC so I could go back to drawing on that, after a year or so out of the fold. Then I had to throw an outrageous housewarming party, which consumed another three weeks. No, really, three solid weeks. It was pretty intense.

So, anyway, that page I was supposed to have up before I moved? I started it yesterday night. Yeah. Then PS crashed when I went to save the sketch and I had to start it again tonight. Then I got distracted by shiny things and failed to finish, but one way or another there should be a thing here for you tomorrow night. Honest.

In the middle of all that I completely missed the one year anniversary of the comic [1], which occured about two weeks ago. I'm almost bothered to not make a fuss, but I'll probably stick something in between this chapter and the next just because I can.


Every five fucking minutes.
Every five fucking minutes.

This is what turns people to copied software, Adobe. Your home package being shit.


[1] Note: The schedule is one page a week and there are more than 52 pages up already, so you have even less right to whine about the gap than you would otherwise. Which was already 'none'. You know who you are.


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