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2009-09-30 00:32:43
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Page 226.

So, I kind of skipped... a couple... of weeks, it seems. Sorry 'bout that. I do have the next page half-drawn already, so hopefully I'll keep going after this one.

Anyway! Thank you very much to the beautiful Ren, for a very nice birthday gift! I like it!


2009-06-09 22:11:37
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Page 225.

Sorry for the week's break - it was unplanned, but I spent most of last week being dead-on-my-feet tired.

Also, it turns out that I forgot to add 'Next Chapter' links to chapter 8, let alone 9, so those are there now.

Also also, it furthermore turns out that baby pangolins are cute. Who knew?


2009-05-27 00:01:48
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No page this week.

However! In the interregnum between chapters 9 and 10, I've instead drawn a map (which I carelessly didn't centre on the axial path Baja has taken through the cylinder), and marked the current positions of all the important characters on it.

You can find it here: Map.

The white dots are the major cities, the black lines maglev tracks.


2009-05-20 00:35:26
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Page 224.

2009-05-12 23:05:42
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Page 223.

Experimenting with a different BG approach in the last panel... it's something I've been trying elsewhere recently, and... well, I didn't feel up to all those lines I'd have had to use if I was doing it the way I normally do Precession backgrounds...


2009-05-06 01:09:32
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Page 222.

I totally didn't forget that it was a long bank-holiday weekend and not realise it was Monday yesterday until too late to draw a comic. Definitely not. No, not me.



2009-04-28 23:47:35
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Page 221.

Did anyone else notice how the Swine 'Flu cunningly waited 'til Madagascar was distracted by internal problems before breaking out?


2009-04-22 00:23:18
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Page 220.

Sorry it took so long. I've been pretty exhausted and pretty busy. And tired! Did I mention tired?

Anyway, you know I mentioned I made a game visual novel in March? Well, if you're interested, you can download it here:

Windows Zip
Linux tar.bz2
Mac Zip

It's a mystery story with a supernatural element, and probably takes about an hour to go through. It has some 18+ elements, so ignore those download links if you're under 18 or at work or totally uninterested in that kind of thing. (I'd like to think it's not gratuitous, but you know...)

(EDIT: Updated to work with non-English versions of Windows which have the East Asian Languages support installed.)


2009-04-07 21:14:42
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Page 219.

My annual March hiatus is over - and I finished a game, this year all on my own and of a more serious tone than previous years. However! I'd show it to you, but there were a couple of bugs in the final release and I'd like to fix those up before giving it out to too many people. Next week, I hope!

The side picture there is from a recent OC session - fuller version here.

Next week's may be a day or so late, since my girlfriend's coming to visit for Easter, but after that the schedule should be back to normal.


2009-03-17 20:54:52
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Page 218.

Actually page 218 this time, not just a page 217 which is mislabelled!

Only in line-art for the time being, because I'm doing this game-in-a-month challenge, only I scrapped my first project after the first ten days or so because I was never going to get it finished, so now I'm on my second (which is smaller, but not that small still) and lacking in time.