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2008-12-23 02:16:01
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Page 207.

At last. I feel like I've been ill forever. It started out as a cough, then turned into one of those frustrating fevers where you have bizarre dreams about stupid things that go on forever and resume every time you slip back into sleep, then I had a violent cough again for days... for the past couple of days I've been feeling pretty much fine, a bit of a sniffle but nothing more, but I can barely speak. I'm so hoarse from something that I can only really manage a whisper or some kind of atonal grunting...

ANYWAY. There's a page of comic done now, so it's all fine, right? Thanks again to Ren for pointing out the hideous flaws in my sketch and thus drastically improving the quality of the finished product.


2008-12-15 22:30:22
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I've been ill since Thursday; no Precession 'til the coughing subsides. :/

(I blame people at work still coming in when they're obviously sick. Curse them!)


2008-12-09 21:26:05
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Page 206.

Sorry it's a bit late; my mother got stabbed in the shoulder several times - by doctors, of all people! - and I spent most of the evening that I should have been drawing Precession in cooking her dinner and helping walk my parents' dogs and so on.

It turns out that major joint surgery doesn't actually fix all your joint problems immediately, which sounds like a bit of a con, to me.


2008-12-02 02:08:44
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Page 205.

I really quite enjoyed the sunlight-through-trees effect on this, but I have a feeling I'll get tired of painting it before the scene is through... ;-)


2008-11-26 01:56:26
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Page 204.
A page appears!

Also! If anyone remembers a few weeks back I made a game-thing for a design/programming session? Well, there was another session and I made another one, this time around the theme of 'Boss Rush'. Again: you'll need the .NET2 runtime to run it, if you want to give it a go.


2008-11-24 22:52:39
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So! I have a deadline on a project which is today, so I've not drawn a page yet. In fact, I realised the other day that I'd not added chapter 9 to the navigation bar on the left there yet, and also that I was updating on average a day after I used to, so I've also changed the update day to Tuesday! For honesty reasons, you understand, not because I wanted to be a day late.

However, it was noted that this means people might be coming here today looking for a page of comic and going home unsatisfied. Unsatisfied people simply will not do, so the talented (and quite awesome) Ren has stepped in with a substitute page just for you guys. Isn't she great [1]?

I'll get the next actual page done tomorrow. Really! I intend, going forward, to keep doing the page on the same day I've been doing it for the last few months, which will mean anyone who's worked out my lousy schedule and been following that won't have to change their habits, I'm just making the front page less full of lies.


[1] The answer is yes.


2008-11-19 02:06:43
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Page 203.

Sorry it's late; I got called over to my parents' house to look after their dogs while they gallivanted around London for the evening, and I carelessly didn't take my tablet.


2008-11-11 01:31:26
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Page 202.

I'm sure there was something meaningful I meant to put here, but I can't remember what it was. So I'll leave you with a page of more-or-less-on-time comic!


2008-11-04 02:09:48
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Page 201.

I kind of didn't finish in time, but it's been replaced with a nice colourful version now, so anyone who saw it yesterdy - it's better now!

I'm particularly fond of panel 2. I don't like painting hair still, but I think it's possibly my favourite panel so far! Li has terrible hair in the morning, don't you think?

Also: if any of you lot are Americans, remember to go vote, hmm? Whoever you want to, so long as it's not Ron Paul. He totally isn't going to win on write-in votes, really. Sorry, guys.


2008-10-27 22:07:17
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Hooray! I feel like crap. Like, dizzy and upset-stomach and wishing-I-hadn't-gone-to-work-after-all kind of crap. After I got back from work this evening I fell asleep on the sofa for a bit and had a weird dream in which I deduced that there must have been a 'Kythera Device', which was probably a horrible weapon of untold power that needed to be sealed away from fickle humankind.

So it turns out that when I'm feeling less well, I draw really badly. Like, even more badly than normal. So I'm not going to try and draw a page of Precession, particularly since it's a convenient chapter gap, instead I'm going to curl up with some grapes and a huge mug of hot chocolate and hope that I can put something together between now and next Monday and leave you with a reminder in case you'd forgotten that there's a ton of art in the art directory of this site that used to be hidden away from everyone and that I'd kind of forgotten to link from anywhere. Half of it's from so long ago that it really shows up how much I've improved over the last couple of years, some of it's pretty nice anyway. But I like these bits:

Li | Autumn | Sachiko | Marisa | [Autumn] War

I'm totally blaming this on the fact that it's horrible-deadline period at work and I'm getting increasingly sick/worried at the state of several things there. We're not so much "up against" the deadline as one might be a wall, as we are "being pushed inexorably through" the deadline by inertia.

Sorry, and all that. :/