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2006-06-06 00:11:32
Page 91 + Cursing
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Sorry it's late - Photoshop seems to have decided to crash all the time again. It's winding me up, now... It's like it's doing it on purpose, most of the crashes occur when I hit the 'save' button.

Anyway, page 91. Thankfully I'm doing the portrait pictures in Painter, which I'm increasingly liking over every other digital imaging package in existence anyway, not least because I've never seen it crash. Again, the as-yet nameless monitor to the left there is available full-size and full-crop if you hit up the vote links to the left-hand side there. Done in a slightly different style this week, just for a bit of a change.

I still think he looks a bit too much like Sting... and I still maintain that it's entirely coincidental.


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