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2006-07-04 00:11:12
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OK, a Page 95 for you. Taking a little detour this week, we have some pages which don't have Baja or Burgundy in at all.

This week's vote incentive piece is a return to the Painter/Oils style, now I've got some more characters that need painting. This one's Ivan, as seen to the left there. There's a logic behind my naming people, but it's a rather arbitrary one.

Anyway, if you're vaguely close to Peterborough, UK, and have nothing to do two weekends from now, you could do worse than take part in this year's Megacycle - a 24-hour cycling relay thing. I did it last year, when it was pretty fun, and I'll be doing it again this year. Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (which apparently go together a lot of the time) are both pretty nasty disorders, but don't get the mainstream press that Cancer and AIDS and so on do. But also, it's really good exercise, and I could do with that.


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