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2006-07-10 23:41:25
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Baja Sketch

OK, first up - Page 96.

Second up, next weekend I'm taking part in a 24-hour cycling relay thing to raise money for ASBAH, along with a bunch of guys from work. As a result, next week's page is likely to be as late as this week's page was. More importantly, I'm told you can donate/sponsor/something online, so go hit that up.

Speaking of hitting things up, thanks to a tumultuous weekend (my oven exploded!) the best I could do for the little side panel thing there was a sketch of Baja with my weak right hand - I'm left-handed, so this was a challenge. Since it's not that great, I didn't replace the vote incentive image, but feel free to click the voting buttons anyway. Click the image to the right to see the full crop.


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