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2006-07-17 21:59:27
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Still totally wiped out after the cycling thing, in which I got up at 8 saturday morning and next got to bed around nine sunday morning. I guess it'd be foolish for me to promise a comic sometime later this week, particularly with having to get up early at least two other mornings this coming week, so for now you get a silly filler sketch thing. Click on the image to the right.

This is a totally accurate representation of about half 6 in the morning Sunday, except for a few minor discrepancies. I'm not a woman, or bald, I was accompanied by a tall and disturbingly energetic guy from QA (who had had the benefit of a night's sleep, I might add) rather than an android (which is frankly a shame) and there was more mist over the rowing lake. But hey, artisic license.

I'm never going to attempt to draw bicycles ever again.


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I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my BIKE.

No comic? Slacker.