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2005-04-13 00:31:03
Welcome to Precession!
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So, shiny new site, still running on the Ev2 sitecode, with a cleaner and simpler stylesheet for an optimal comic-reading experience! Choose a chapter from our amazing selection of one from the menu to your left!

Bear in mind that Precession is really an exercise in forcing me to draw something at least once a week more than it is in writing, so do not expect the cunningly-wrought overarching atoryline of Watchmen or Sandman, the intrigue of Transmetropolitan or the epicness of Blame!... I mean, I'll try and shoehorn a story in as well, but I am taking a mostly-improvisational approach to the actual plot. Things will happen, and I have some ideas about where I want to take them, but like a good GM's RPG campaign they are not all pre-determined and planned out in detail. There will probably be plenty of plot hooks that I forget to use later. It will never be a gag comic, noone I or you know will ever turn up in character but it will be full of oblique references to things to make me look clever and sophisticated.

That said, so long as I get pages out faster than Alpha Shade I will be happy.


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