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2006-07-31 08:42:51
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More Ivan
More Ivan
So, page 98. Only a couple of pages 'til page 100, at which point I'll... eh, I'll probably be too lazy to do anything special. And I'm away at Amecon that weekend anyway. How time flies, though, eh? I remember drawing those towers in the last frame of page 13 about three times thinking "I am going to be doing this for the rest of my life!"... man, they still look horribly wrong. The temptation to go back and redo the first twenty pages or so of this is tempered only by a knowledge of how long it would take.

Anyway, this was nearly late thanks to other commitments, and a particularly talented artist casually comparing my scribblings to Mœbius and Caza, which I only really just stopped giggling at. If you don't recognise the names, Mœbius was the guy who did most of the visual design on The Fifth Element [1]... oh, and some comics. The other guy is just some crazy french-speaking comics guy. Both of them do far nicer backgrounds than I could ever be bothered with.
This was also nearly late 'cause I was reminded earlier in the week how I used to read and enjoy 2000AD, and how now I'm in full-time employment I can afford the subscription I really would have benefitted from more when I was younger... so the first part, the current issues of 2000AD, Megazine and Extreme turned up on Saturday, giving me about two hundred pages of good old-fashioned brutal British comicry to assimilate over the weekend. 2000AD Extreme Edition is a really nice idea - each volume appears to contain several old storylines, which originally would have been serialised over several progs, in their entirety. I guess it's perfect for collecting up and reselling the kind of 8-part stories 2000AD trades in, which aren't really long enough to warrant graphic novels of their own or cohesive enough to fit fantastically well in compendium editions, most of the time. On the other hand, it also serves to show up just how confusing and discontinuous 2000AD stories can get sometimes...

Anyway, the vote incentive this week is a coloured-in (or really, over) version of this week's page. Largely I prefer to work in black and white because I think it fits the style of Precession better, but also I prefer to work in black and white because it's easier to portray lighting - and I have enough trouble with dark scenes as it is. Unfortunately, the not-easy-to-portray-lighting-in-colour kind of shows up here, but hey - I'm learning things, right?


[1] Mul-Ti-Pass!


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