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2006-08-15 23:29:14
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With this week's page, I'm up to 100 pages. Sorry it's late - it's got lots of fiddly detail and it's got silly perspective... I hope it all works OK, but I kind of wanted a nice impressive shot, since it's not only the 100th page but the return to the main thread of the story.

This week's vote incentive image is a collection of sketches I did while sitting around at Amecon this last weekend, mostly while waiting for people I knew to get up and come have breakfast. The images are a bit shoddy, I'm afraid, since I've had to photograph them (and graphite is hard to photograph in low light) since my scanner broke an age and a half ago and I still haven't replaced it. The one in the sidebar there's probably the best of the lot, for that matter, but hey - go hit the vote buttons anyway. :P


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