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2006-08-28 01:17:00
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Page 102.

If you're writing a novel, these days, you can get away 'til the whole thing's finished and your editor's gone over it and the spelling errors and tense disagreements are being worked out and still change a character's name. You could, theoretically, write the whole damn thing referring to 'Clarice' and only decide to search-and-replace her to 'Theresa' at the last minute... or maybe have characters named 'GirlA' and work out their labels later. This is the wonder of modern computer software!

Unfortunately, webcomics being 'published' once a week on a regular basis, there comes a growing dread when you realise that the script calls for a character's name to be spoken in three pages and you still don't know what it is.

Anyway, I do know what this week's vote incentive is - another sketch of the ever-benevolent Gummy, who keeps foolishly supplying me with photos to draw from.


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