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2006-09-17 23:52:50
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So, yeah. Page 105. A hundred and five! That's a lot of pages.

Let me know how these pages make sense - or don't - by the way. Action sequences and motions and stuff are harder to string together without using silly things like speed lines or narration boxouts which I dislike, so I'm never sure if the pages are even followable.

This week's vote incentive is a sketch of Baja, done in the realistic style of the from-photo sketches I've been doing of late. I'm not entirely happy with the way she turned out, particularly her mouth, but hey - all practice is good practice. And it's not that I don't aim for a broadly realistic line style in the comic itself, but the shading is somewhat simplified.

Anyway, it was my birthday today, and this week's strip was nearly all done after going out with my parents and consuming fine Italian food and imbibing alcohol, which should hopefully excuse any rendering or continuity errors.


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2006-09-25 07:41:54
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> I'd say "happy birthday"

Aww, thanks. ;-)

> If Burgundy threw/kicked that other guy over the edge


I'd say "happy birthday", but that was almost a week ago.

If Burgundy threw/kicked that other guy over the edge, then I could at least make sense out of those two pages, although I had to go back and check 104 when reading 105. The real mystery to me is who that guy was and why he chose to drop down from that aircraft to stand in front of Baja like that.

Another mystery is why he recognised Burgundy, but by his actions I suppose that it may have been Burgundy he came for. Perhaps he or his faction found out about Burgundy through other sources, or through surveillance. Perhaps they felt that having someone like Burgundy around who wasn't on their side was a bad idea.