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2006-10-23 01:24:12
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OK, a page 110 for you.

This week's vote incentive's the VN sprite for Baja, peeking out of the box to the left. Intentionally not so hot as Li, but I'm still not really too happy with the face all the same. All the people who've been really helpful critiquing these pieces while I'm working on them are either busy, absent, or I've managed to totally alienate them and they aren't talking to me anymore...

Speaking of which, let me know if you have any strong opinions (for or against) on the sound effects in this page - I spent half the evening wondering what kind of noise the thing in the third panel should make, and more importantly how to spell it. In the end, I just went with consonantal noise... I'm still not sure it works, but I'm also not sure what would work better. Maybe more jagged lettering?

That's the nice thing about reading manga, it seems. For SFX you just get these random-looking Japanese characters scrawled across the page... the size lets you tell how loud they are, the action in the panel lets you make up your own noise for it, and it never sounds goofy...


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