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2006-11-06 02:10:47
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Page 112, and the beginning of chapter 5. And on time! Don't say I never give you people anything.

Speaking of giving you people things, the vote incentive this week is an animated GIF showing the step-by-step assembly of the comic, from sketch through to finished page. The GIF lasts nearly eighteen seconds, but rest assured that it took me significantly longer than that to piece the page together.

Things learned this week:

* Telltale's Episodic Sam and Max is pretty fun, although I'm (unsurprisingly) so far unconvinced it's as hilarious as the previous game. But it's still easily worth nine US dollars.

* There's an online serialisation of genuine Steve Purcell Sam and Max at the Telltale site, for that matter.

* Listening to Blondie just 'cause I have Atomic stuck in my head decreases productivity. Maybe Bowie is the answer after all.

* Actually find out what the little letters on the washing machine dial mean. Really.

* The recent Battlestar Galactica remake is actually pretty good [1]. Although it has a couple of silly bits in the first series alone. I'm sure I should have watched it years ago like everyone else, but I was busy... doing... something. Something really important.

* Vallejo acrylics really are as good as everyone says they are.

* I obviously never got around to writing list support for this sitecode, forcing me to use asterisks.


* They make Caramac Kit Kats now. The wonders of modern confectionary technology!


[1] Unlike the original BSG (which was fun, just horribly, terribly shoddy) and BSG:80 (which was just... well, I'd forced it out of my mind until looking the series up on Wikipedia the other day).


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