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2005-04-24 23:36:06
OK, so I lied.
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Chapter 1, Page 15

It turns out that I will actually need three pages to finish the chapter (for a total of seventeen) and so there is one page this week and one or maybe two next week depending on how fast I get through them; the last page is not so sparse as I had thought it was going to be.

For the record, today's page - starting from scratch, sketching out the frames, fleshing out the sketch, lining the mechanical shapes and the organic shapes on separate layers, 'colouring' the frames, adding gradient shades and shadows and then dropping overbright lighting effects over the top - took about four hours in total. I am sure that this time will be reduced as I get better but I do not expect to get that much better by this time next week... ;-)

(I have now typed this entry four times, having been using the mac all day and got used to Alt-Left to skip word boundaries... except Alt-Left in windows firefox is "Back to the previous page and no we won't keep what you had in the edit box if you go forwards again". Grr...)

Alpha Shade rating: 16.5%


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