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2006-12-10 21:58:14
A Short Break
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OK, OK, I know. "A short break" in webcomics terms usually means "you are never going to see another page of this comic again". I promise you that isn't the case! Honestly! I'm avoiding the H-word. It's just that between recent illness and upcoming commitments and holiday-related stuff - large chunks of which are already drainingly art-related - I just don't have much free time to maintain a regular update schedule. Not without going insane from lack of sleep, anyway.

Updates will resume on the 31st of December. I'll try and do a Christmas thing of some kind, on actual Christmas, but no promises. In the meantime, in lieu of comic pages I'll be switching out the vote incentive image on a regular basis to show a series of watercolours I did for christmas cards this year. They're already all painted, so there's no risk to those not getting done! The first one's up now... although my scanner's died (again) so it's just a photograph. :/


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