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2007-01-03 18:43:52
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Page 117.

Sorry for the delay - there was drinking and stuff. And now I have to get used to starting all my dates with '2007' and everything.

Man, 2007! The world was supposed to end seven years ago! This is supposed to be nothingness, and/or fire and brimstone and/or the ravaged remains of an alien invasion!

Anyway, I've updated the vote image to the sketch for this week's page - it would have been some original art, but the sketch took me all the time I would have spent knocking up something separate. Damnit! You'll notice some change in the last panel - primarily 'cause drawing those little buildings is bloody tedious, and there were too many of them already! It doesn't give quite the same impression of the size of the Valentine camp this way, 'cause the edges aren't so obvious, but it meant it got finished today. Which is good, 'cause I'm going away for a few days tomorrow. Anyway, I'm thinking there's probably about a thousand people there all-told.


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