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2007-01-22 02:11:29
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Page 120.

Did I mention to you guys that you should play Cave Story? You should really play Cave Story. It's an excellent '90s-style platform shooter, with a pretty cool story and some nice characters.

I mention it particularly because this week's vote image - Cave Story: Extreme Beach Volleyball - contains two of those nice characters. I know, I know. It's degrading, but while I was drawing it a friend of mine who shall remain nameless told me they were considering auditioning for Big Brother, so at least it's not that degrading.

Don't worry, it's two of the hot, female characters. Not - say - Jenka and Ballos. Although it was kind of tempting.

Oh, you can get Cave Story and Cave Story information here. Trust me, it's awesome. And not only 'cause it has a character called 'Curly Brace'.


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