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2007-02-19 00:41:20
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Page 124. Baja has been doing a lot of pointing recently.

This week, I've mostly been drawing plan views of Jacobean and Edwardian (don't ask) buildings. As a result, I came across the term "Wrenaissance", used to describe the seventeenth-century (early English renaissance) baroque architechture of Christopher Wren. I'm not sure if it is an entirely silly or an entirely awesome word, or possibly both.

Anyway, if you don't know what I'm talking about, go look into Christopher Wren. Arguably one of the most influential British architects of all time, for good reason!

This week's vote incentive image is a step-by-step progression of the drawing of this week's page. Because... well, I've been busy this week, and I'll likely be busy again for a few weeks to come, so I don't have the time to render particularly sexy things right now. :/


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