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2007-04-03 00:19:41
20070402 - Apologies, a game, and future plans.
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OK, so yeah. I did mean to put stuff up the last couple of weekends, but a variety of things prevented me. Firstly, I drew a page of the below-described crazy standin comic, on actual paper using actual pens, only to discover that my scanner was now totally dead rather than just a bit dodgy, and I couldn't get it onto the computer. Then I got really busy on my NaNoRenO project and kind of... well, forgot.

So yeah. Sorry. And thanks to whoever kept hitting the vote buttons for the two weeks I forgot to put anything new behind them. ;-)

On a brighter note, Fice and I did finish the NaNoRenO thing - You can get it here, or by clicking the logo above:


It's a Mai-HiME and/or Mai-Otome parody, so there's a pretty low coincidence of style between that and Precession, but there's bound to be someone who reads this who's also seen that series. As a tie-in, I've changed the vote incentive image this week to one of the characters from said game in a swimsuit. By which I mean 'bikini'. I'm not convinced the proportions are all there; I rendered it under the supervision of Niski, who complains that my manga-style stuff always has too-small heads and too-long legs and too-big (?!) eyes and so on.

(You'll need .NET 1.1 on your Windows machine to run this, by the way - no Mac or Linux version, because Dave hasn't got a Mac and writing games for Linux is illegal in twenty-three states. :P )

Lastly - I know, I know, it looks ominous. But it's not - the 'future plans' are simply that I fully intend to get back to drawing a page of Precession a week starting next week.


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