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2007-04-09 00:18:28
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Page 128. Another power-of-two victory!

Also, the beginning of the as-yet-unnamed chapter 6. Which still isn't entirely scripted, but I have the structure and the first few pages down, so we're OK for now.

There were two main things I took away from the NaNoRenO project I mentioned last week - the first was finally working out a decent set of settings for inking in Painter XI. I've long had a huge soft spot for actual dip pen inking, but it's messy and time consuming and the nearest it has to an 'undo' feature is white paint. Photoshop does frankly a lousy job of emulating a pen, which I guess isn't surprising since it's not what Photoshop's for, but Painter is one of those tools which has approximately fifteen and a half million different tweakable settings, so to get something exactly how you want you really have to either start of with something pretty close to what you want or spend an awful long time fiddling.

Anyway, it turns out that the answer - for me, at least - is some adjustments to the "Thick n Thin Pen 3" in combination with one of Wacom's "stroke pen" nibs. I managed to wear a hole in my tablet's cover sheet working on MorningStar, and took the opportunity to order more stroke nibs when I bought a replacement. They really are... well, great. You can change the pressure response curve in software, of course, which is all the stroke nib really does, but... software doesn't give you tactile feedback.

Curiously, the other thing I got out of MorningStar was that I'm now notably better at drawing feet. Which is particularly odd since the vast majority of the sprites in the game are only shown from the thighs up.

Anyway, to celebrate getting my inking settings right, this week's vote incentive image is Touhou's Marisa, rendered in a straight pastiche of Tako's style. Which I thoroughly enjoyed doing.


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Ahh! She's so cute! Really, that's pretty awesome. I think you've mastered the manga style now. :)