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2005-05-05 23:44:48
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OK, page 17, like I said. Chapter 1 finished. Short intro chapter. Next one longer. And you would not believe how long it took to do that one-frame page.

For the last five or six pages I've been doing the whole thing on the mac, but I think I'm going to have to switch back [1] to the PC for at least some of the flow 'cause the mac keeps running out of RAM. I mean, you would think that 512MB was enough to run Photoshop [Elements 3] and nothing else at all, but apparently not. It doesn't seem so much that there's lots of RAM being used, just lots of RAM not being deallocated. Which is winding me up.

Off to reboot. Again.

Oh, and Alpha Shade rating: 18.3%


[1] Haha! EAT THAT, JOBS!


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