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2007-04-23 22:28:48
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Page 130.

OK, I'm a little late, I know. Part of this is that I've been working on a poster design for a guy at work, advertising the upcoming Megacycle this summer in aid of the Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. My sketch for the poster design - modelled on propaganda posters of ages past with the assistance of Galen - is this week's bonus vote incentive image. There was more Touhou art, but I figured people would probably get bored of that eventually. ;-)

Now, I tend to drink Cafédirect's brand of instant coffee; it tastes nicer than many of its competitors. As a bonus, it's also fair-trade coffee, so I get to feel smugly morally superior when I buy it. Unfortunately, Cafédirect have recently undergone a huge rebranding, which makes their jars possibly the most irritating shape possible; squared-off, with a lid that only attaches at a particular angle, with a bloody 15mm-wide groove down the side of the jar just where I want to be gripping it when I pick it up. Also, even more annoyingly, their new logo looks too similar to the Adler-Ferrara Aerospace logo. Which I keep meaning to have a coffee mug made up with to confuse my workmates.
Anyway, it turns out that Clipper do a fair-trade coffee that tastes pretty similar, I presume they get their beans from the same place or something. And their jar design is fine.

A good part of my spare time of late has gone into Project Yuyuko - I'm taking a go at writing a curtain-fire/bullet-hell shooter engine. Why? Because I can. Anyway, more details over there.


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