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2007-05-01 00:07:44
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Page 131.

Sorry it's hours late again. I spent the weekend up at Dave's helping him put a fence panel up to replace [another] one that died, which involved chiselling concrete out of the ground - to make it worse, I forgot to take work gloves and came back not only aching from the effort but also blistered, making drawing... not so easy as usual. To make matters worse, I had to get that poster finished after I came back. Which is why the finished version will have to suffice as a vote-button bonus for this week. It's all decked out in bold black and red and grey and Industria, purely because that's one of my favourite typefaces ever. ;-)

Anyway, if any of you enjoyed those manga-style Touhou pictures I put in the vote incentive slot a week or two ago, I've posted the lot of them - I did about six in all - over there.


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