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2007-05-15 00:30:12
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Page 133.

I'll get back into the habit of doing these things on Sunday evening instead of Monday evening one of these days.

So, I presume you've all heard this thing about the BBC guy and the Scientologist and the shouting and everything... I don't see what the fuss is about, it's not like the guy went for the neck or anything. That's something I'd have liked to see. He was shouting, sure, but the smarmy fucker he was 'talking' to was being incredibly rude.

I can't help but feel a little sorry - only a little - for the Scientologists though. They try their best for a good smear campaign against this BBC journo, and every single writeup I've seen ends something along the lines of "the Scientologists believe that humans are fragments of alien souls blown up in volcanos with nuclear bombs by the god-alien Xenu". I mean... that has to hurt your credibility.

Anyway, this week's vote incentive is Touhou's Reisen. As you can probably tell from the little preview box over there, bunny girl!
(UPDATE: OK, now it actually is Reisen - uploaded everything, forgot to update settings. :/ Here, have a Tactical Dreadnought Tewi sketch).)


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2007-05-18 01:32:10
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The fact that the BBC guy lowered his voice and spoke calmly at a normal level in between shouting did make it seem as if he was really only trying to speak louder than the other/s. Which apparently was his excuse for shouting. I watched both clips (the shouting and the excuse), but without putting my earplugs in and raising the volume to obnoxious levels I couldn't really make out what anyone was saying in either clip.