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2007-05-21 00:41:55
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Page 134.

Hah! I got a page out on time for a change. **Shakes fist at Internet**

Lately, I've been playing a lot of shooters. Curtain shooters, mostly. As people who've been watching my art output might have guessed. Anyway, the last few days I purchased both Psyvariar Complete and GigaWing Generations for the PS2. The former of these is an awesome game, with a nice twist; you level up [almost?] entirely by grazing bullets - passing so close to them that you almost die - which means that despite the huge holes in the enemy bullet patterns that you could fly a shrine maiden through, you find yourself suicidally ducking and weaving through dense clouds of enemy fire just because it's there. And it works.
GigaWing, on the other hand, just doesn't work. It's possibly suffering more then Psyvariar from the translation from vertical arcade to landscape TV display, but the whole screen - background, player, bullets and enemies - is a morass of fast-moving bright colours, and it's pretty hard to see what the hell is going on most of the time. It didn't help that the manual lied to me totally about what the controls were, so I spent the first couple of games thinking that the game's central mechanic didn't exist or I hadn't unlocked it or something.

Anyway. Psyvariar: wholly recommended for anyone who likes curtain shooters. GigaWing Generations: not really recommended at all.

This week's vote image is another random Touhou character - but this time in full colour, because... well, I had the time. OK, I didn't have the time, but I was procrastinating from doing something more important, so I coloured her in anyway.


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