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2007-06-11 23:04:28
20070611.137 Sortof
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Man. SO TIRED. Been too busy the last week or so, too tired to finish page today.

On the other hand, I have uploaded an unshaded version, so you get that. Page 137 unshaded. All the dialogue's the same, I'll update later in the week with shading.

Anyway, in the meantime - the readership demographic probably only crosses over in 'people I know', but hey - a friend of mine has started to draw Amazoness, about... uh, butch girls in the ancient Mediterranean area. They're probably all lesbians, knowing the guy. It's a miracle they're not catgirls, really. This is the work of the man who convinced me to go to Ayacon 2005's fanfic panel, which was utterly hilarious. "How many series do you think it's reasonable to cross over in the same fic?" "Oh, about... eighteen." Comedy gold.


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