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2007-06-19 00:35:19
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Not fully-shaded, but better than I managed last week. Speaking of last week, the fully-shaded version of that is up now as well. Odd thing; I pulled something in my knee and stopped cycling for a week, and suddenly felt hideously tired all the time. Also quite apathetic about more or less everything. When my knee was better and the torrential rain had stopped for a bit I started cycling again, and although the first time out was exhausting, the very next day I was no longer nearly so tired. Crazy, eh?

Anyway. I also noticed that I'd totally forgotten to update the vote incentive image for several weeks, which was bad of me. So I changed it this week - the guys who do the Point of Existence Battlefield 2 mod were running a competition to produce billboard textures to go in levels, and a crazy Internet friend of mine wanted to submit a Touhou entry, and asked me to draw. So yeah... this week's incentive is an advert for the Ukrainian army, featuring the player cast of Perfect Cherry Blossom in uniform...

Oh! And before I forget - long-time readers may remember that the last two years some work colleagues and I have done the charity MegaCycle, a 24-hour cycling event to raise money for ASBAH. Well, we're doing it again this year - and you should totally sponsor us. ASBAH gets cash to help people with nasty congenital disorders, you get the amusement of me cycling around exhausted and saddle-sore in the middle of the night, and I get... well, exhausted and saddle-sore. Hmm.


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