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2007-06-25 21:19:30
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Page 139.

Again - too busy, really, to finish the shading properly, but it's all coloured [ha!] in and the words are there and everything. I'll go back and fix this page and the last one when I finally have some free time in about a week's time.

Also: In just under a week's time, I'm doing that 24-hour Megacycle thing with some guys from work and a couple of friends. You should sponsor us, because otherwise you'll feel terrible about yourself all the way into next month. DO IT!

Also also: someone was complaining the other week that I don't have a cast page so people can tell who is who and who they all are. I suppose I can probably do something about that - again, I'll try and get on it in about a week, remind me if I forget. Someone else was suggesting I should collect up the pages so far into a book and publish it through one of those print-on-demand places like Lulu or whoever - that, I think, it less likely. Even leaving aside the fact that there are probably two whole people in the world who'd want a copy and one of them is my mother, it would also mean I'd have to look at the early pages again, which would make me want to fix them. :/
Ironically, a hundred pages - nearly two years - ago there was a shot of Baja's head from almost exactly the same angle (just the other side), but some of that stuff was pretty embarassingly bad these days.


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