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2007-07-02 23:40:35
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Page 140.

At the Megacycle this last weekend, I managed to fall off my bike (it was very wet, there was mud all around a sharp corner) and land on my left arm. I'm told the roll I executed to avoid things like 'falling into a rowing lake' or 'jarring self on ground' was quite impressive, but it turns out from the pattern of bruises that people inconsiderately leave stones on the ground, and for about a day I was unable to lift my left arm far without it hurting quite a bit. Which is a particularly relevant problem because I'm left-handed, and this also seems to have impaired my motor control to a small degree. I can do things like drive and eat OK, but drawing is more tricky. So this week's page is possibly a little less good than I'd like, and definitely took about five times as long as it should have done, which is why it isn't fully shaded again.

On the plus side, I got the pictures for the cast page done last week, so I should be able to put that together sometime this week.


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