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2007-07-23 08:20:14
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Page 143.

The cast page is giving me a little trouble - the art's all done, and extra-shaded since the preview a little bit ago - but I'm a little stuck trying to work out just how much of a description each character needs. I mean... most of them have parts which aren't explicitly mentioned in the comic itself, or haven't been mentioned yet... do those bits still go in their writeups? Without them, some of the descriptions are going to be pretty short and meaningless.

Anyway, I hope to get it done tonight. People have actually been complaining that it isn't done yet!

That reminds me, actually - I discovered recently that my hosting providers had helpfully been not letting me pull down any of the email from the address I had up here, and I finally got at it to find a few year-old mails about Precession. So... sorry, you guys, for failing to get back to you.

Anyway, this week's vote image is another animated stage-by-stage drawing-the-page GIF. Enjoy!


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