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2005-05-08 22:09:52
Admiring the Scenery
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Today brings the beginning of Chapter 2: Admiring the Scenery, with page 18. Noting that there was a mid-week update this week finishing off Chapter 1.

I think I've sorted out the memory issues I was complaining about before, too... it turns out that Tiger has stopped me getting a 'Classic Environment' icon in my dock that makes it easy for me to quit Classic (emulation of previous version of operating system, needed to run Illustrator 'cause I've only got version 8). Which means Classic was staying open, which means an entire operating system was sitting eating real memory for no good reason. ;-)

Anyway, I'm not entirely happy with either of the faces on this page, but I've done each of them twice already as it is. I'm beginning to draw the conclusion that bald isn't actually that much easier to draw than hair 'cause the shape of the head is downright funny, and hair hides that. ;-)

Alpha Shade rating: 19.4%


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