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Baja Wardenclyffe

From a young age, Baja has been fascinated by space travel; after a short spell in the merchant navy it became obvious that she wasn't suited to the rigid hierarchies more critical to a spacefaring vessal than their ocean-borne predecessors, so she volunteered for the Privateers.



Burgundy's main role is to reign in Baja's impulsive and childlike behaviour while still letting her curious side run free; she doesn't need the technical assistance that auto companions are usually relied upon for as much as she needs reminding that sticking your finger in things is not always the best way to find out whether they're hot/solid/poisonous/alive/etc.



One of the first of the Police that Baja and Bur met, Luk is young, fairly idealistic and not a little bit scared of more or less everything outside of the things he knows. Despite being the son of Ivan, a prominent officer, and having as good a future ahead of him as he could hope for, Luk is restless and hates the confinement of the city he's lived in his whole life. Made wistful by the lights of other cities at night, Luk's looking for a way out.



Rena grew up with Luk, and doesn't hide the fact she's crazy for him. Unfortunately for her, she's far too content to live the life presented to her for Luk to be half as interested in her, and her clingyness and fretting irritates him a little; he thinks of her more as a younger sister than anything. Rena joined the service to be with Luk, without really realising that Luk joined up to give him an opportunity to look for a way to leave the city.



Luk's father, and commander of the Police's front line force, Ivan is a stoic and pragmatic defender of his people. He believes very much in the methods and operations of the Police - that absolute rule and pre-emptive action are the best way of protecting their people - but does wonder from time to time whether Lee's decisions are always for the best.



Lee serves as the current commander of the Police. Much like his predecessors, he avoids front-line duty in favour of planning and organisation; recently he has been increasingly frustrated by the Valentine's sale of arms to factions opposed to the Police's presence in the east city, believing that he and he alone can maintain order.



The daughter of a skilled craftsman in the Valentine camp, Li grew up in a life of relative luxury. When the Police assaulted the Valentine platform via the newly-powered train network, Li's home was destroyed and her parents killed. Distraught, she packed what she thought she'd need and left her old life behind.



Glen is the present CEO of the Valentine Trading Consortium. Aided by the emergency generator below the station, the consortium was able to survive the fall of February city with only a small change in direction; under Glen and his predecessors, the Valentines manufacture their own goods for sale to the city rather than managing imports and exports.



Valentine - for lack of any other given name - appears to serve the Valentine Trading Consortium in some manner, although he is not particular deferential towards Glen. Previously one of the autos seeign to the day-to-day running of the cylinder's systems, Valentine appears to have suffered some fall from grace leading to his current rebel existence.


The Nicholas Baker

The Nicholas Baker - named after an obscure 20th century physicist - is a fairly ordinary Privateer interstellar vessel. Living quarters are arranged around the rotator ring, which spins constantly during flight to provide artificial gravity, while the main engines, engineering, storage and control deck are housed in the static section. Privateer ships differ from most normal spacefaring vessels in that the rotating section is often mounted perpendicular to the direction of travel, to facilitate landing in unfamiliar locales if necessary; most long-distance spacecraft never enter an atmosphere and have no need to decide which way is 'up' for their static sections. However, this design feature means that they also need a significant counterweight rotating in the opposite direction to avoid an overall rotation of the whole craft and thus the engines.


The Libelle

The Libelle is Baja's short-range shuttle, capable vacuum flight but far more suited to atmospheric, and far too slow to cross interstellar distances. The Libelle carries equipment, berths two when necessary, provides a powerful detection and analysis suite and packs a small but effective punch with a pair of MASERs. Like nearly all aerodynes produced in the century since B-TC drives became widespread, the Libelle's wings are mostly used for manoeuvring and as a failsafe, and are commonly folded fowards for landings so as to not occupy so much space.