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2007-08-06 00:55:04
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Page 145.

So, here's the thing. As you can see from the little box to the left there, I'm skimping on the shading again this week. Well, I've got all kinds of stuff to get finished before AmeCon on Friday, not least a sword and a pair of brooches. And then there's the con itself, which I get back from on Monday. So one way or another next week's page is likely to be either late or absent. On the bright side, after Ame my schedule goes from 'mostly full' to 'not so full', so I should be able to go back and fill in the gaps.

This week's vote incentive is the sketch from page 145; I considered this duelling picture, but... well, something made me not go with it.

Also: I'm really enjoying these albums lately. If the name intrigues you at all, you should check 'em out.


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