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2007-09-24 00:42:31
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Page 151.

Not much to say, other than hey! Another week! Fully-shaded, this time, although I've not had time to go back and finish the shading from last week's.

I'm off on holiday - Washington DC and New York - for two weeks starting next weekend; I intend to get a page up before I go and either a page ready for the weekend in the middle or a catch-up when I get back, but I can't promise anything. I think these days you need to be at the airport three weeks in advance with your entire genealogy in tow before they let you on a US-bound flight...

Man, there were a few too many errors in that last page. Compounded by the fact that while I noticed some of them relatively quickly and other people noticed others of them (thanks, Lukahn!) my computer's NIC died pretty shortly afterwards, and half the intervening time was spent setting up the new machine I'd coincidentally bought just a short while previously. I still can't get at the most recent few pages of PSDs which I hadn't backed up to DVD yet, so I had to make the fixes by editing the JPEG, which made me sad. :(


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2007-09-25 07:15:07
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Lukahn: Gah! You're right, and I'm careless with my merging-tails-into-balloons. I'll fix it this evening - thanks.

[EDIT: Typically, the network card on my desktop died the same day, meaning no 'net connection, which I took as a sign that I should get on with installing and using the new PC that's been sitting on the floor of my office the last couple of days. So... I'll fix it, but a little later. :/]

And Saitou, really... what's so not-great about DC that spending a week looking at museums and galleries and eating out there could possibly be worse than staying here and going to work every day?

Hey Jake, haven't commented on here in a long while (or maybe it was over at Dan's forums). Just wanted to point out that the 3rd panel it appears Bur is talking to himself. I assume the second part is Baja telling him to wipe the data, but the talk balloons merge into each other so it actually looks like Bur is saying that!

I'm enjoying the pacing now (it was a bit slow for a while as you set everything up). Can't wait to see what happens next!

You'll rue your decision to visit DC ere long, I promise.