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2005-05-18 00:07:48
Cloud Practice
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Yeah yeah. Page 19 was supposed to be up sunday, but I accidentally spent the whole weekend drinking, socialising and watching anime in celebration of some guy's birthday. And it should have been up yesterday, but noone badgered me so I forgot. It's up now, and it has clouds.

They look really silly, but I swear to Sanakan that those exact same clouds hung in the air just like that as I was driving to work today. They're alto cumulus, I think.

And yes, the towers were far too big when we first saw them from the dock. Ah well.

[Addendum: Re-added comments 'cause I can't remember why I took 'em off in the first place. Probably just to see if I could.

Also: Alpha Shade Rating: 20.2% ]


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