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2007-09-30 18:16:18
Oh, I give up.
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OK. So about a day after I'd finished the last page, the network card on my computer broke, meaning I could no longer get anything off of it onto - say - the wild Internet that easily. By sheer coincidence, I'd just bought a replacement desktop computer - the old one was getting on for five years old - and so I took this as a sign to start working with the new one instead of leaving it unloved in the corner of the room in the hope that if I waited long enough all my files and settings would magically transfer themselves across. I should have known that this wouldn't work, since I'd tried the same tactic when they gave me a new PC at work and all it got me was pestering phone calls from the support staff asking when they could take my old PC that I was still using off my hands.

So it comes around to this weekend, and while I've still not got any of the files off of the old machine, I've got all the applications I regularly use set up here and drivers are installed and everything's updated, so I scrounged out an old network card from my too-large collection of perhaps-they'll-be-useful-someday computer parts [1], and went to connect up my old box somewhere to get the last few weeks' Precession files off, since I only have it backed up to DVD up to the end of chapter six. I plug in the power cable, and almost instantly sparks and flames fly out of the back of the PSU, which starts to emit a fine grey smoke that smells of no-you-won't-be-able-to-use-this-again. I suspect that while I was moving it around putting the new one in I shook some dust loose into the wrong places inside the thing.

Anyway, the moral of the story - aside from "back up your stuff every week, not just every month" - is that USB hard drive enclosures are awesome, so I haven't lost any data at all. Unfortunately the other moral of the story is "don't expect any of your programs to work properly when you upgrade Windows" - the new PC came with Vista [2] and the version of Photoshop Elements I use has this wonderful feature under Vista where after approximately one and a half minutes of operation none of the buttons work. And of course, Adobe hasn't done anything useful like patch the problem - there's a new version out, why wouldn't I just buy that instead?

So yeah - I'll take my laptop and tablet with me, and see if I can get a page or two out while I'm on holiday, but no promises. :/


[1] I still have more than one BNC NIC in there; the collection needs sorting.


[2] Home Premium, if it makes any difference...


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