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2007-10-09 13:31:56
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Baja again...
Baja again...
Page 152. At last.

So, yeah. Things I remembered to bring on holiday for doing a page of Precession:
- Laptop
- Tablet

Things I totally forgot:
- Fonts
- Past pages
- Script
- Illustrator

... so this page looks a little different from previous pages, 'cause the letters are all wrong and the speech bubbles are funny shapes and the frame borders are probably the wrong width, and I had to reconstruct the script from memory and try and remember the layout of the inside of the Libelle, which I think I last really drew about a hundred pages ago... but other than these minor issues, exacerbated by needing to come down to the hotel lobby to get on their WiFi, have a page of comic. ;-)

PS: Washington DC is a great city, don't believe the lies spread in the comments a week or two back. It's just.... hot. Like, height-of-English-summer hot. But man, if there's anything USians do well it's building impressive bloody great monuments, and DC is full of them.


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2007-10-15 01:10:42
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Thanks! It's now been fixed by virtue of all the dialogue on that page being re-typed now I'm back in the UK (so there's probably new errors ;-) with all my usual tools at hand. Hopefully jetlag won't kill my ability to also get a page out tomorrow...

Uh oh! There's a typo in the third panel: "geting". Better fix it before Central Authority comes for YOU!