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2007-10-29 23:28:55
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So, what's up?

I spent a good chunk of Saturday ripping the guts out of my Precession notes and re-writing the end. My approach to script-writing has always been a little haphazard. When I first started out, I wrote the first chapter or so totally improvised; then I drew up a grand overall plan for what I wanted to happen between the beginning and the end (I'd always had an idea in my head, but writing it down helped) and started writing the chapter scripts out in full as I approached the beginning of that chapter. So the other day I went back over my grand-overview plan and realised that the end kind of sucked. Not terribly, but it was a little overt, you could see the bits where I'd jammed events in that backed up a particular message, and I didn't even know I was doing it at the time. So I ripped pretty much the last quarter off and changed direction totally... and I have no idea why I'm telling you this, other than to mark my epic accomplishment here, because it affects this part of the script not a jot.

The one thing that does really change is that I'd originally left a couple of wide gaps in the plot that I could insert extra adventure into if I wanted to go off and do something else for a bit, I could just expand these bits out and slot extra story in. And now they're gone - the plot is pretty much fixed from this point 'til the end of the story. And when I'm done I'll take only a short break from comicking before picking up something new because otherwise I'll never go back and I'll stop drawing altogether.
But that's irrelevant, 'cause looking at the thing that'll be in another two years' time, at this rate.

So, yeah, random art. This last week it was mentioned on a forum I frequent that Fatal Hearts, a puzzle/visual-novel game, has been released. I didn't expect to like it for a couple of reasons[1] but actually, it's pretty fun. The puzzles start off wimpish, but actually build up to 'pretty challenging' by the end of the game, and the story's pretty fun. So this week's random Fatal Hearts fanart week. Anyway, it reminded me very strongly of Another Code, so if you liked that, you should give it a go. And having done so, it also reminded me that I'd not finished Hotel Dusk... which had a far better ending than I was expecting. So if you enjoyed Another Code, you should give Hotel Dusk a go, too. It's better than Cing's previous game in pretty much every way except for the inventiveness of the puzzles.

Anyway. Did I write about enough random stuff there?


[1] Because it looks like it's pitched to people ten years younger and of a totally different gender to me, because I expect puzzles in videogames to be insultingly easy, that kind of thing


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