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2005-05-24 22:15:42
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A page 20 for your perusal. Late, again, but present.

Well, technically I guess it is within a week of the last page, so it was really only the last page that was late. My plan is to do these sunday evening, though, so it's late to me. Next week's will probably be similarly late, for that matter. ;-)

Anyway, last week's had clouds, this week's has trees. I'm more happy with the trees, but would still appreciate feedback on that kind of thing. I'm not used to drawing or painting either of them.

I remember a few years back coming across some advertising for Alpha Shade on another webcomic, visiting their site and being dismayed to find that there were only something like twenty or thirty pages of comic there... and the updates came soooo slowly. They were pretty nice, but all the same there was little of it. Although yet more action-packed than the completely un-gripping intro to Precession so far. In light of this, as much as I'm mainly doing this for drawing practice anyway, I'm not going to bother trying to get people to read it other than the odd mention on Eviscerate until I have at least half as many pages as Alpha Shade does. ;-)

That said - Alpha Shade Rating: 21.05%


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2005-05-25 03:33:15
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Baja and Bur sound like the names of an Indian couple. : )

Anyway, I'm sensing a nice dynamic between the two!