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2007-12-25 00:30:43
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Page 163.

So, yeah. I totally meant to get this page up about twelve hours ago, but when I was about an hour off finishing it, my brother turned up and it was absolutely critical that I spend the next ten hours or so playing videogames. So yeah. Merry Christmas!

This week, I did random DP9 art for kicks. Here we have a Walküre-class Panzerkampfer, from Gear Krieg.

Due to this time of year being a prime opportunity to meet up with friends I've not seen in ages and spend time with family and get drunk and make a fool of myself and so on, there's a possiblity that there won't be a page next week. If this is the case, then hey - I'm sorry. And I'll probably do two pages the following week to make up for it.


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2008-01-05 19:13:05
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Three weeks? It's been less than two weeks since the last page, and I'm certainly intending to get one if not two pages up this week...

2008-01-05 01:33:56
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It must of been some drinking spree to last 3 weeks!!!!