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2008-01-07 02:16:49
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Fallen Bridge
Fallen Bridge
Page 164

I'm really happy with this week's page - for a change, it turned out more or less exactly how I wanted, without taking eight hours to get it that way. There may be another page tomorrow to make up for last week, or it may slip to a later week - depends if this annoying recurring illness recurs again.

So, recently I've been reading a lot of Tribe 8, which is a great post-apocalyptic fantasy world set in the ruins of Quebec. One of the downsides to the setting is that there's very little artwork showing the effects that the passage of time, disaster and the bizarre alien Z'Bri have had on the scenery, so one thing I've been doing is trying to come up with some reasonable images of some of the game's landmarks. So here's the Gate of the Banished and the Fallen Bridge, rendered in a pastiche of the original artwork.

Speaking of artwork and DP9, a couple of weeks back there was a thumbnail of an Asp mecha in the news post - well, the full image is on the cover of the latest Aurora Magazine, DP9's webzine. So if you're interested, go check it out. The issue's mostly about the Asp, thanks to the efforts of a fanatical band of Asp fans on the DP9 forum. While you're there, check out Paul O'Connel's cover for issue 1.4, which is great.


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