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2008-02-11 23:03:29
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I can see my house from here
I can see my house from here
Page 169.

The problem with pages with lots of straight lines on is that the tablet isn't so hot at straight lines (Photoshop's straight-line tool doesn't cater with pressure-sensitivity very well, and it's a hassle to turn it off just for the lines) and so I have to use a mouse. Which leads, after a while, to cramp in the mouse hand from positioning and clicking carefully time and time again. Which is why I don't draw too many pages like that city flyover from chapter 3 or so, because they actually hurt.

Anyway. Have you seen that whole "Anonymous vs Scientology" thing? Man. I still associate 'Anonymous' with 4chan, and anyone who knows me will tell you I'm really not a huge fan of 4chan - the whole 'meme' homogenisation of culture sits somewhere between distate, disgust and annoyance for me. Not to mention that a lot of 'em are childish, petty and spiteful. So it's kind of grudgingly that I see all this going on and think "that's pretty awesome". Blanket anonymity is the perfect face for anti-scientology protesting; the bastards are notorious for making life incredibly difficult one way or another for anyone who gets too vocal in their criticism. I'm all for religious freedom, but the tolerance line for me is quite firmly drawn at exploitation and propaganda. If your religion is so great you shouldn't have to lie to people, you shouldn't have to silence its critics, you certainly shouldn't have to break into government buildings to steal files critical of your organisation. That just makes you look bad!

Anyway, while we're on the topic of totally off-topic political rants, don't go to Dubai, it's shit.


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In my opinion, the internet definitely can have an affect in real life. However, I find it very VERY hard to believe that b, anon, or any of the chans would have an affect on anything except spreading around memes (mostly bad ones at that), photoshops, and porn. Or being elitist. ;)

I mean, really, they could have just as easily been protesting Oprah, burritos, or the moon. It looked like more of a chan convention than a protest, what with the rickrolling and fresh princing.

Still, the overall idea of anonymously protesting is intriguing. However, I don't see it ever being necessary. If you can protest at all, you generally don't need to be masked, because most of the time anyone could care who you are anyway. In other words, most protests already are anonymous, they just don't have masks and rickrolls.

2008-02-11 23:17:46
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I'm not really a fan of /b either, but I have to admit that if I'd known about the London protest beforehand (I only learnt about it ON the 10th) I'd probably have turned up, even if only to take photos. Given the massive success, I'll definitely be looking to attend the next one in March. If the Internet really can have a big effect 'IRL', then this is the start of something really big.