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2008-02-18 23:46:22
20080218 - apologies
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So, yeah. For the last week or so, I've had a terrible ache in my right hand when I use a mouse. Typing's fine, but no mouse. I put this mostly down to too many straight lines (which is more or less all I use a mouse for when drawing) on last week's page, since straight lines in comic pages mean precise positioning, which means muscles are tense for sustained periods, which is bad. It probably doesn't help that my chair's broken, so it keeps sagging down and leaves me sitting lower compared to my desk than is really comfortable. I should theoretically be able to draw straight lines with the tablet stylus in Photoshop, but Photoshop is steadfastly refusing to stop being pressure-sensitive [1] and thus it's no good for this.

Unfortunately, Precession has a lot of straight lines in it, which makes it rather hard to draw right now. I was going to have another page before the end of the chapter, but that other page isn't really important, so I'm not terribly upset about having a bit of a recovery gap here in story-flow terms. Not that I'm that great at story-flow in the first place. Anyway, in case you hadn't guessed already - sorry, but no page this week. Hopefully I'll have recovered enough by next week to carry on then... :/

In the meantime, here's a tarot card(Beware: Nipples) I drew for a forum project over at the LemmaSoft forums. Note the near-total lack of straight lines. ;-)


[1] Unlike when I'm sketching, when it's perfectly happy to suddenly stop being pressure-sensitive...


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